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Valshamur Hoodie

10.900 ISK

Valshamur Hoodie is a product from our new street line collection.
Fabric: Cotton 50% and polyester 50%.

The hoodie is all white and with a zipper. The mark on the back and front is a graphic design of a falcon with our Mjolnir logo inside.

Theres an Icelandic saying “Að bregða sér í Valsham” which means to be a shapeshifter or refers to being able to change shapes. Freyja is one of the preeminent goddesses in Norse mythology, and she had this magic Falcon-skin called “Valshamur”. She could use this Falcon-skin to turn herself into a bird. Loki Laufeyjarsson, the wily trickster god, use to steal “Valshamur” to be able to turn himself into a bird and spy on other Gods.