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Gunnar Nelson Hoodie Special Edition 2018

12.900 ISK

This is a limited and special edition of Gunnar Nelson hoodies for 2018. 
The fabric of the hoodies is a cotton and polyester blend, and its normal fit.

Our new edition of the Mjolnir hammer, in gold, is at the back of the t-shirt. 
The red symbol in the front is called "Veldismagn" and is a part of the old Icelandic magical rune staves. The legend tells us that if you carve this in lignite, color it with blood and keep it near to your chest, nothing evil will harm you. And you will return healthy and free of sickness after travelling on sea or land.

"Galdrastafinn skal rista á surtarbrand og bera blóð í skurðinn,
láta liggja milli brjósta þinna og
mun þig ekki illt saka og 
heill og ósjúkur aftur heim koma hvort sem þú ferðast á sjó eða landi."

On the left sleeve there is an ancient celtic symbol called "triquetra" with one of Gunnar Nelson´s favorite quotes:
"When I move I feel, when I feel I move"