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Mjolnir T-shirt – Snorra Edda

7.900 ISK

A textured Mjölnir T-shirt. New design for 2016.
Fabric: Cotton t-shirt, 70% cotton, 30% polyester. 

In the front: The new Official letters for Mjölnir Mixed Martial Arts Gym in Iceland, underneath the letters spell out Martial Arts in Icelandic.

The back: Mjölnir, the Hammer of Thor, and the official logo for the Mjölnir Mixed Martial Arts Gym. Around the hammer is a verse about Thor written sometimes in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson.

Hvernig skal kenna Þór?
Svá at kalla hann son Oþins oc Jarþar,
stýrandi oc eigandi
Mjöllnis oc Megingjarþa, Bilskirnis,
veriandi Ásgarþz, Miðgarþz, dolgr oc bani iötna oc tröllqvenna.
What should you call Thor ?

Call him the son of Odin and Earth, controller and owner of Mjöllnir and Megingjarþa, Bilskirnis , protecter of Asgard , Midgard, ruffian and killer of giants (Jötunn) and trolls (Tröll).

The design of the letters are inspired by the Icelandic medieval runes.